Kate Krier

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Program Coordinator, Shakespeare at Yale, 2011-2012
294-296 Elm Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06511
+1 (203) 432-6416

Kathryn Krier works in arts management for several arts organizations at Yale: as Production Manager for The World Performance Project at Yale and the Yale College Theater Studies Program, and as Production Advisor for the Yale Baroque Opera Project. She is also design advisor and lecturer in the Yale College Theater Studies Program, teaching and advising senior Theater Studies majors staging 13 to 15 productions per year. She serves as Program Coordinator for Shakespeare at Yale, a multi-disciplinary initiative which will highlight Yale’s Shakespeare-related resources in the spring of 2012. Her theatrical design credits include scenic designs for the new works “Waking” (2009) for the Yale Cabaret, and “Don’t Look Back!” (2008) for the World Performance Project. She holds an MFA in Technical Design and Production from the Yale School of Drama.