About the Project

Shakespeare at Yale

Shakespeare at Yale is a multi-venued celebration for the spring of 2012 that will display the extraordinary resources that exist at the University for the study and enjoyment of Shakespeare. Between the holdings of the Beinecke Library and the Elizabethan Club, Yale has the best collection of early printed editions of Shakespeare of any university in North America. These will be the centerpiece of a unique exhibition at the Beinecke. But Shakespeare at Yale will also involve performances of plays at The Yale Repertory Theatre and by student dramatic groups, concerts of music of the period by undergraduate, graduate, and professional groups, opera and musical comedy based upon Shakespeare's plays, a series of Shakespearean films, and remarkable exhibitions of paintings, drawings, and prints, musical instruments, even artifacts of the period at the Yale University Art Gallery, the Yale Center for British Art, and the Lewis Walpole Library. Leading Shakespearean scholars and practitioners will come to Yale for a variety of lectures and public conversations. In fact, the spring of 2012 will be a semester in which every single day of the term will offer at least one way to participate in this celebration, as we recognize the stunning resources that are here and the amazing ability of Shakespeare continuously to enrich our lives.

Program Development and Administration
David Scott Kastan, George M. Bodman Professor of English

Penelope Laurans, Special Assistant to the President

Kathryn Krier, Program Coordinator

Bonnie Antosh, Katharine Pitt, Student Coordinators

Planning Committee
Janna Baty, School of Music
Mark Bauer, Whitney Center for the Humanities
Robert Blocker, School of Music
Susan Cahan, Yale College
Toni Dorfman, Theater Studies Program
Elizabeth Fairman, Yale Center for British Art
Roberta Frank, Elizabethan Club
Pam Franks, Yale University Art Gallery
Ronald Gregg, Film Studies Program
Eleanor Hughes, Yale Center for British Art
Kathryn James, Beinecke Library
Richard Lalli,  Music Department
Lawrence Manley, English Department, Elizabethan Club
Robert Mealy, School of Music, Music Department
Maria Rosa Menocal, Whitney Center for the Humanities
Amy Meyers, Yale Center for British Art
Victoria Nolan, Yale School of Drama, Yale Repertory Theatre
Jane Nowosadko, Yale Center for British Art
Stephen Parks, Elizabethan Club
Margaret Powell, Lewis Walpole Library
William Purvis, Yale School of Music
Barbara Rockenbach, Yale Libraries
Angus Trumble, Yale Center for British Art
Justin Zaremby, Elizabethan Club