Performers from the Yale Children's Theater
Yale Children’s Theater, an undergraduate organization, is a group of Yale students devoted to teaching, entertaining, and engaging kids with the dramatic arts.  The ensemble produces four student-written shows a year, offers drama workshops for local kids, and performs throughout the greater New Haven community.  
Yale Dean's Office emblem
The Yale College Dean’s Office (YCDO) is the administrative center of Yale College. Offices in Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall (SSS) house the dean, the associate and assistant deans, and their managerial and clerical staffs. The YCDO is charged by the corporation to administer the undergraduate academic course of study and a variety of special educational programs such as Directed Studies, the Writing Center, Perspectives on Science, the Special Divisional Majors, the Academic Mentorship Program, Yale College Tutoring, and the Mathematics and Science Tutoring Program.  The office is responsible for determining policies concerning student life, discipline, and extracurricular activities. It is also in charge of registering and overseeing all undergraduate organizations, and supervising the four cultural centers. The Dean’s Office supervises the deans of the twelve colleges and works in close collaboration with college masters. Finally, the Executive Committee is administered from within the Dean’s Office.  
The Yale Collegium Musicum and Collegium Players, directed by Robert Mealy and Grant Herreid, are dedicated to the historically informed performance of music. The group was founded in the 1940s by Paul Hindemith as one of the first ensembles in the United States devoted to early music. Sponsored by the Department of Music and Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, and supported by the Friends of Music at Yale, the Collegium is open to all members of the Yale community.  
For more than a century, English at Yale has been an important force in the academic study of literature and a key part of Yale’s educational mission. The Department teaches the majority of freshmen in Yale College, graduates more than 100 majors in every Yale class, and trains PhDs in English, who become scholars and teachers of literature. Over the decades Yale English PhDs have gone on to leadership positions throughout the academic profession.  Intellectual range and conceptual innovation characterize the history of influential books that have emerged from Yale English. The Department today represents a wide variety of scholarly and critical approaches to the study of Anglophone literature and literary history.  
Yale Italian Language and Literature Department
Yale’s Department of Italian offers the Ph.D. in Italian literature with wider methodological concerns and discourses, such as history, rhetoric and critical theories, comparison with other literatures, the figurative arts, religious and philosophical studies, medieval, Renaissance, and modern studies, and the contemporary state of Italian writing.  At the undergraduate level, the Department of Italian has two distinct missions: to provide instruction in the Italian language at all levels of competence, and to lead students to a broad appreciation and deep understanding of the literature and culture of Italy.  The major in Italian is a liberal arts major designed to explore Italy’s vital role in the development of the humanistic values and disciplines that have infused Western culture over several centuries. Central to the major in Italian is the conviction that study of another language yields the important benefit of enlightening students about their own culture while instructing them about a foreign one. Core courses provide students with a solid linguistic, literary, and historical background in Italian.   
Yale School of Music
The Department of Music is the home of scholars and students who continue a tradition of study stretching back to the ancient world. One of the seven original liberal arts, music maintains a place in the university as a subject of broad and passionate interest to composers, historians, ethnomusicologists, performers, and theorists. At Yale, all of these form a community dedicated to furthering a knowledge and love of music. Using the abundant musical resources at Yale—which include graduate professional schools of Music, Art, and Drama, an Institute for Sacred Music, a renowned collection of historical instruments, and an exceptionally large library of scores, recordings, books, and original manuscripts—the Department of Music provides an extraordinarily rich musical environment.  
Yale Dramatic Coalition
The Yale Drama Coalition (YDC) was founded in 1999 to foster a union of student voices impassioned by theater at Yale. The YDC seeks to foster communication and collaboration within the undergraduate theater community, between extra-curricular theater at Yale and the Theater Studies department, and between the Yale student body and the larger New Haven community. The YDC offers the means, in the form of the YDC board, through which students can actively engage in work on year-long projects to better theatrical life on campus. The board consists of a president, secretary, treasurer, and several members who act as project coordinators. Elections of board members are held at the beginning of spring semesters. The organization has an open membership and welcomes input and participation from all interested Yale students. Roughly 250 undergraduates will be actively involved with YDC activities.